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Goddards Cleaning Products


In 1839, Joseph Goddard of Leicester, England perfected polish and cleaning formulas that were used to care for fine home furnishings of England's most prominent families. Goddard's Proprietary Cleaners & Polishes are still preferred by professionals to maintain pricess treasures and antiques in renowed museum, galleries, hotels and private estates throughout the world.


Goddards Silver Dip instantly dissolves tarnish & cleans even difficult reach places such as between fork tines.
Goddards Silver Foam quickly cleans & beautifully shines you fine silver while providing long-lasting tarnish protection.
Goddards Silver Cloth is the quick & easy way to maintain a lasting shine.
Goddards Jewellery Cleaner instantly dissolves dirt & tarnish, leaving your finest jewellery sparking clean.


Town Talk Cleaning Products


Since 1895, Mr Town Talk's remarkable collection of cleaners and polishes has, quite simply, had no equal. Made from the very finest materials available, each one has been specially formulated to keep your prized possessions looking as good as new forever.


Anti-Tarnish Silver Polishing Mitts provide a quick & easy way of dusting silver and removing light tarnish, without getting your hands dirty.
Anti-Tarnish Silver Polishing Cloth is unrivalled with its 100% cottong fibres impregnated with specially developed cleaners & anti-tarnish agents to give brilliant results and long-lasting protection against tarnish. Use on lightly tarnished silver & silver plate.
Anti-Tarnish Silver Foam comes complete with its own sponge applicator & is particularly suitable for cleaning silver cutlery, ornate & decorative silver as well as more heavily tarnished items.
Anti-Tarnish Silver Polish Spray has a simple-to-use pump-action & non-toxic ingredients offering an easy way of cleaning large sets of silver cutlery or tableware collections.
Exceptional Silver Cleaning Kit includes two sachets of silver polish & one of the remarkable silver polishing cloths making this wallet-sized kit an ideal companion for anyone who travels extensively.
Glittering Gold Polishing Mitts provide a quick & easy way of bringing a beautiful glow to gold items without getting your hands dirty.
Brilliant Gold Polishing Cloth offers a simple way of bringing out the true beauty and lustre of all gold and platinum jewellery. Its delicate quality allows you to give them a brilliant sheen & long-lasting protection.
Brilliant Gold & Jewellery Care Kit includes two sachets of jewel sparkle & one gold polishing cloth making this wallet-sized kit and ideal companion for anyone who travels frequently.
Miraculous Microfibre Jewellery Polishing Cloth is ideal for travellers who want to keep their jewellery and spectacles clean wherever they are.


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